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Restaurant Day 2019

Enjoy the day when anyone can set up a restaurant

Restaurant Day in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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Four times per year anyone in Finland can set up a restaurant, a bar or a little cafe. It can appear near your home, office, in your garden or even simply on the corner of a street! The movement is most popular in Helsinki, but gradually spreads to other cities as well.

Restaurant Day in Finland - Best Season 2019
Best time for Restaurant Day in Finland 2019

People play roles of chefs, waiters, bartenders and sommeliers just for fun. They apply their imagination and taste. Some prefer to cook food for children, others just mix some drinks.

Best time to see Restaurant Day in Finland 2019

The biggest food festival occurs on Restaurant's Day Birthday on every third Saturday of May. That's when the real restaurants and global players are participating. Other Restaurant Days take place on the third Sunday of February, third Sunday of August and third Saturday of November.