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The great nature of Finland and its nothern location makes it home to lots of unique bird species


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The diverse and unique nature of Finland is home to a great number of beautiful birds. Namely, you can find approximately 460 various species, including some rare species which can be hardly met anywhere else. This fact makes the country a famous birdwatching destination.

Some of the most popular species are black and great spotted woodpeckers, pygmies, great greys and snowy owls, white-tailed and golden eagles and some more can also be found here. You can find a large number of birds of prey. There are some 23 types of kites, hawks, and eagles, 9 types of falcon, and 11 types of owl.

April and May are when migrant birds return to their homes, especially the national bird—the whooper swan. The coastline is full of seabirds; the lakes and other wetlands are filled with cranes and whooper swans; forests are home to capercaillie and woodpeckers and owls and eagles are concentrated in Lapland.

The Liminganlahti Reserve near Oulu is one of the most famous birdwatching spots. Spring and autumn are migration seasons. The best time for seeing owls is between March and April, during the courtship season and through May and June during their nesting season with a help of guide. Some owls, like the snowy owl, great grey owl and hawk owl can also be seen during winter. There are guided birdwatching excursions provided throughout the country.

March and May are also a good time to observe grouse. These are concentrated in the geographical centre of Finland, although willow grouse and ptarmigan are mainly found in Lapland. March and April are again a good time for seeing woodpeckers, as it is courtship season. Lately, in May and June with the help of a guide, you can find them nesting in the forest. Lots of wader species live in Finland as well. You can find broad-billed sandpipers, jacksnipes, red-necked phalaropes, wood sandpipers, and spotted redshanks in the north of the country, mainly in the wet bogs. These are best seen during migration season in May and then again in September. Jack snipes can be observed during the courtship season between May and June.

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