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Christmas Season in Santa Claus Village 2019

Around the Arctic circle, deep in snowy Lapland a warmth and happiness await you in Santa's hut. Let your Christmas become even more magical!


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Everyone knows that Santa lives in Lapland. You can find his real home and office in the city of Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Village hosts the Santa Claus Office and the Main Post Office, House of Mrs. Claus & Santa's Reindeer, SantaPark, and Christmas House Santa & Exhibition. Over 300,000 visitors come here annually to meet Santa and dive into childhood dreams. Santa Claus Village also hosts the Santa Claus Main Post Office where the letters to Santa are received. Moreover, you can send a Christmas postcard from the office. The Arctic Circle postmark can be stamped only here, which gives a unique touch to a postcard sent from Rovaniemi.

Christmas Season in Santa Claus Village in Finland - Best Season 2020

Whether you are a kid or an adult you can come and enjoy this magical atmosphere. Santa's warm and inviting hut is a perfect place to believe in wonders once again. One of the most cheerful days falls in mid-November with the Grand Opening of the Christmas Season in the village, a heart-warming event celebrating all things Christmas.

Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi  2020
Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi

Spend an amazing evening singing carols with Santa and enjoying fresh and tasty ginger bread biscuits, cooked by Mrs. Clause. Outdoors you can meet a team of furry reindeer and see them having fun in the snow.

Every year, on December 23, Santa Claus departs from Rovaniemi for the world trip to meet with kids to share the goodwill and caring with them.

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