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Elk Meat

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Best time: September–December

Elk Meat

Elk (moose) hunting is quite a popular activity in Finland, and absolutely legal. As there is a rather low quantity of wild predators, like wolves, the number of elk is limited by people. The hunting season lasts from September through late December and includes elk, reindeer, and other types of deer. Every autumn 35,000 to 50,000 elk are shot in Finland. Most of the moose meat is shared by hunters and their families, but part of it goes to supermarkets and traditional Finnish restaurants.

When it comes to the taste, Elk meat is dark and very flavorful, while reindeer meat is darker but not so fat. Usually they are served as a steak or in stews. Everything is eaten, as other parts that doesn't suit steak are made into sausages. This kind of meat has been a common item in Nordic menus for ages.

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