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Sea Eagle Safari in Norway

These majestic eagles, the "king of birds," swoop down on the narrow Norwegian fjords

Best time: late March–mid-October

Sea Eagle Safari
Sea Eagle Safari
Sea Eagle Safari
Sea Eagle Safari
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These majestic eagles, the "king of birds," swoop down on the narrow Norwegian fjords. Want to see the King of Birds? Then you should sail into Trollfjord, the kingdom of noble Sea Eagles. At the beginning of your journey you will be welcomed by friendly sea gulls, sociable enough as to fall straight into your cuddles and eat from your hands. But as you pass the narrow seaway between the steep cliffs, plenty of large Sea Eagles swoop down on your boat to check out who entered their territory. These majestic birds hover right above your heads, their wings and legs wide spread as you stand in awe observing the authoritative rulers of the Trollfjords and make for breathtaking photos. Sea eagle safari is included into Hurtigruten excursion offered between late March and mid-October, depending on the presence of snow and ice in the water.

Try unforgettable Sea Eagle safari in Digermulen, Henningsvær, Svolvaer or Lofotens

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Norway for the Sea Eagle Safari experience?

To have a safe and comfortable sea eagle safari experience in Norway, it is best to plan the trip between late March and mid-October. The weather is mild, making outdoor activities more enjoyable, and the absence of snow and ice in the water creates favorable conditions for boat excursions. This period is ideal for viewing sea eagles up close and experiencing the Norwegian wilderness. Show more

Where can I experience the Sea Eagle Safari in Norway?

The Sea Eagle Safari is a popular attraction in Norway, and there are many locations to experience it, such as Digermulen, Henningsvær, Svolvaer, and Lofotens. These sites offer unique and rewarding vantage points to observe the majestic birds and immerse in outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. For those seeking a well-organized trip and guidance, Hurtigruten provides an excellent Sea Eagle Safari tour. Show more

How close do the Sea Eagles get to the boat during the safari?

The Sea Eagles can be very close to boats during a safari, sometimes hovering directly above the passengers. These incredible birds are curious and territorial, often inspecting any new arrivals in their domain. They may come even closer, attempting to take food from people's hands or land on the platform. The Sea Eagle Safari provides a unique opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal. Show more

When is the peak season for Sea Eagle spotting in Norway?

The best time for Sea Eagle spotting in Norway generally ranges between late March and mid-October. During that time, the weather is favorable and sea eagles are actively breeding, making them more visible. Outside this season, there will be fewer sightings. Nonetheless, travelers may still see sea eagles and explore the Norwegian wildlife on a Sea Eagle Safari, granting an unforgettable experience and lasting memories. Show more

Are there any precautions one should take during the Sea Eagle Safari?

Given the importance of respecting wild animals, the Sea Eagle Safari requires following specific instructions. Passengers must comply with the guide's guidance, including staying seated and avoiding sudden movements around the eagles. Feeding the eagles or trying to touch them is not permitted as it upsets their natural feeding habits. In addition, proper waterproof and warm attire is necessary, given Norway's typically chilly and damp weather conditions. Show more

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