Best weather to visit Norway

Norway Weather: Summer

This season sees the prime of tourist flow to Norway


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Warm and sunny days must be the greatest lure for the majority of the travellers. The most convenient weather conditions are observed in the coastal areas and in the south of the country, but northern regions attract with the rare possibility to swim under the Midnight Sun. The northern Norwegians must check the clock to go to bed in time, for the sun doesn’t set for a couple of weeks. June offers the last chance to watch walruses and witness weird mating rituals performed by great snipes. The way to Troll’s tongue tip is finally open for public.

July is one of the best times to visit Norway. Along with warm Polar Days and continuous sunshine known as Midnight Sun, the month has much to offer. From great Arctic wildlife watching to hiking to the most remote corners found in Norway. Besides the glaciers have melted enough to host a couple of adventurous kayakers.

Though Polar Days are gone already, and the sun doesn’t shine at midnight anymore, except maybe far northern lands, August is still a delightful time to visit Norway, especially its first half. Mid-August is often considered the beginning of autumn as the days get significantly shorter and colder, besides wildflowers fade, birds and whales start leaving the country. On the other hand, Norwegian wilderness abounds in wild berries and mushrooms, and also canyoning comes into season.