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Narvik Winter Festival or Vinterfestuka 2021

Ofotbanen railway is the framework of the Narvik Winter Festival celebrating the town's culture and history


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Vinterfestuka or the Winter Festival has been held in Narvik in early to mid March since 1956, traditionally celebrating the construction of the famous Ofoten iron-ore railway, a source of pride for the townspeople. "Ofotbanen" was built around 1900 to unite Narvik with the Swedish iron-ore mines, and today it still unites the town with the Sweden border. The Winter Festival demonstrates the town's historical and cultural heritage through nearly 200 various festive events and cultural performances that take place during the 9-day-long festivities.

The Narvik Winter Festival is loved by locals since most of the residents have traditional outfits for this event. Men wear black trousers and a flanell shirt with black vest and a hat. Women wear a long skirt with a blouse and black shawl. Children wear all kinds of funny costumes. Colorful parades of locals wearing amusing costumes, concerts, and numerous exhibitions draw over 30,000 visitors annually.

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