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Russefeiring 2025

The Russ are wearing red pants inside out and red caps with a string of knots celebrating graduation

Dates: mid-April–May 17

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Norwegian students start celebrating their graduation a whole year before the anticipated event. The most intensive part of the so-called "Russefeiring" falls on their final spring semester, which lasts from mid-April to the 17th of May, Norway's National Day. Students that are supposed to graduate from high-school are called "the Russ".

During Russefeiring a number of Russ-related events and festivals are held across Norway so that all the graduates could mingle and socialize. On May 1st, students drive around in their russ cars and buses all night and stop in different places to drink, dance and have fun together. They wear pants inside out until midnight. Then after being officially named "Russ" they change clothes and wear them in a proper way. Russfeiring has been celebrated since 1905 when some graduates in Norway decided to wear red caps. Today each school has its own list of things that they do. Fun-filled activities end on the Norwegian Constitution day with the Russ taking part in the solemn parade, marching, and singing loudly.

The largest number of Russ can be seen during the annual parade in Oslo on May 17th. The procession features about 100,000 participants, including students from over 100 schools. The parade is held in front of the Royal Palace where young people are greeted by the royals waiving from the main balcony. Another large Russ parade takes place in Stavanger.

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