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Norway Weather: Autumn

The first month of fall still brings a lot of joy, but starting from October it will get darker and colder every day


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Early autumn is still a nice time to visit Norway. A fair amount of rainfall and limited sunshine don’t spoil the vibrant season of autumn migrations. Temperatures are moderate, and tourists are less numerous, but this is even better as Troll’s tongue and other hiking destinations are wonderful in their deserted wilderness. September offers the last occasion of white water rafting thrill. Besides, it is a perfect time to ride along notorious Atlantic Ocean Road.

One of the gloomiest and most boring months in Norway is October. Wildlife is scarce, few activities are available, besides the weather is getting less pleasant. It’s cold, wet, and windy, and again the inland is cooled down faster than the coastline areas, as the land loses warmth faster than the sea. However, the only place where one can benefit from that kind of weather is Atlantic Ocean Road which is tremendous during the seasonal storms.

Late autumn in Norway is not attractive at all, this is the gloomiest time of year, cold, windy, rainy, and also really dark, especially towards the end of November. If not for snow, Polar nights would have totally engulfed the country’s north. Thankfully, the first snowfalls in late November change the picture, adding some life and colour to continuous Arctic darkness.

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