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Viking Festivals 2018

The original setting and ancient Viking atmosphere makes you feel like a member of the warriors' camp

Viking Festivals in Norway - Best Time
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Viking dwellings, clothes, food, art, music, sports, storytelling, craft demos, archery workshops, and the other thematic entertainment is held in the reconstructed Viking settlement to make you feel as if you were one of the Scandinavian warriors, a true member of the ancient Vikings' camp. Viking festivals are held all over the country.

Viking Festivals in Norway - Best Season

In early June Viking culture is celebrated in Avaldesenes, a village located in the South-West of Karmøy municipality. In August similar festival takes place at Lofotr Viking Museum in Bøstad, a village in the Lofoten Islands. In the beginning of September, Tønsberg hosts Viking Festival, this is the oldest Norwegian town situated in the South-East of the country.

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