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Jorvik Viking Festival 2023

Plunge into history, returning to the Viking era in the historical city of York

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In the 9th century, York was the capital of the kingdom of the Vikings for 50 years and was called Jorvik. This period of the city's history is reflected in the exposition of a unique museum—the Viking Center.

Every February, the city hosts the Viking Festival. Each institution and museum prepare a special program as well as drinks and food made according to old recipes. The holiday begins at 10 am and ends only at midnight.

At the festival, you can see power contests and Viking fights, theatrical wedding and funeral ceremonies, and large Viking battles.

You can even make your own costume under the guidance of experienced designers, visit a special archeological exhibition, or listen to live medieval music. There is a fair at the festival where visitors can get acquainted with traditional crafts and handmade souvenirs. This event leaves an unforgettable impression annually attracting about 40,000 visitors.

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