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Essentially gløgg is like mulled wine, but with some additional treats


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Gløgg is a traditional Danish (and Swedish) Christmas drink that consists of red wine, some spices, raisins and pieces of almond. Luckily it can be found not only on Christmas because due to severe weather conditions sometimes gløgg seems to be the only thing you should drink to stay warm.

Have you heard about 'hygge'? It's a Danish word that can roughly be translated as 'cosiness' but it's more than that. Mostly it's referred to a certain kind of warm friendly and fuzzy atmosphere. Gløgg should definitely help with that, at least for a while. During the Christmas season, gløgg is served at any cafe and every Christmas market so finding it shouldn't be a problem. But if you decide to make it on your own, don't forget to sweeten it with some honey.

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