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Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) 2022

The day before the beginning of Lent when English families prepare a hearty meal with pancakes


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Pancake Day in England falls on the last Tuesday before Lent. On Shrove Tuesday, it is common to arrange a lot of fun competitions. The culmination of the whole playful action is the traditional "pancake races." Teams of four people must run a relay race along a given route. Each of the participants will hold a pan with pancakes in their hands, which must be thrown on the run without being dropped. Members of the teams of the "pancake race" are dressed in original costumes.

Here you can see housewives in starched aprons, office clerks in white collars, and clowns. Such competitions are very popular in London, in the town of Olney, and others. Traditionally, for victory in the "pancake race" they raise a glass of champagne but in Olney, the first participant to reach the finish line is kissed by local priests.

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