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Highgate Cemetery

One of the creepiest sites in London known for its vampires and famous people's graves


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There are about 170,000 people buried in around the 53,000 graves of Highgate Cemetery. It attracts a lot of visitors who believe that supernatural forces are present at the cemetery. The place is also very green with beautiful Victorian and Egyptian-influenced tombs, perfect for short walks. Karl Marx and other famous people like sci-fi author Douglas Adams, adventurer James Holman, and criminal genius Adam Worth are buried here.

Opened in 1839, Highgate Cemetry was part of a plan to provide seven large, modern cemeteries outside of central London. The initial design was made by architect Stephen Geary. Tombs and buildings bear an impressive Victorian Gothic style.

In the 1970s the cemetery became the location for the horror films of the Hammer movie studio. These films caused a burst of popularity of the cemetery. ‘Vampire hunters’ frequently visited the cemetery at night, when two magicians, Farrant and Manchester, announced the official vampire hunt on the cemetery grounds in 1970, which was stopped by police. Highgate cemetery remains a popular location for the occult, paranormal and vampiric enthusiasts on Friday the 13th and other mystical dates.

The cemetery is open daily except for the 25th and 26th of December. Also, keep in mind that East and West cemetery parts have different opening arrangements.

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