Best time to visit Cincinnati, OH

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum in Cincinnati, OH

A unique Cincinnati cultural site and one of the loveliest garden cemeteries in the US

Best time: April–October (all year round)

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
The Gothic Revival Dexter Memorial at Spring Grove Cemetery
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Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum dates back to 1845 and is one of the jewels of Cincinnati: a National Historic Landmark, which is an excellent mix of cultural heritage and landscape planning. The area of 733 ac (about 300 ha) offers visitors an open-air museum, a magnificent arboretum, and a tranquil sanctuary within a 15-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati.

The cemetery grounds include about a dozen ponds, numerous well-sculpted tombstones and memorials, and multiple examples of Gothic Revival architecture. The vast cemetery serves as the eternal home of famous "residents" such as William Procter and James Gamble (Founders of Procter and Gamble), Waite Hoyt (professional baseball player and Hall of Fame pitcher for the New York Yankees), Daniel Drake (a pioneering American physician and writer), Bernard Kroger (founder of Kroger supermarkets), and Civil War generals and colonels.

Best time to visit Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery gates are open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. From May 1 to August 31, visitors can enjoy extended hours from 8 am to 8 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum is particularly beautiful in spring and fall. In late March and early April, the trees blossom, and later in the spring visitors enjoy colorful displays of tulips, daffodils, and other flowers. Late October is when fall foliage peaks, so it's another magnificent time of year at Spring Grove Cemetery.

Spring Grove Cemetery Tours

From April through October, Spring Grove Heritage Foundation offers public and private tours to let visitors experience Spring Grove's history, art, architecture, and horticulture at its best. Private and public walking tours usually cover about a mile of relatively flat surface and are guided by a knowledgeable docent. Spring Grove Cemetery also offers free-of-charge tours for school and college groups of up to 30 people. Private bus or van tours (the cemetery to not provide a vehicle) take small and large groups throughout the grounds with the guidance of a docent. Another option is to join a tram tour on the open-air, 24-seat tram for $75 per group. All the public tours information is available on the Spring Grove Cemetery events page (see the "External Resource" section). Private tours can be booked via phone or through the official website's contact page. For those who prefer solitude, the Cemetery suggests doing a self-guided visit at no cost. A Self-Guided Walking Tour map is available in the lobby or in the map section of the Spring Grove Cemetery website.

Practical info

What defines Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum?

In Cincinnati, Ohio, there's a National Historic Landmark called Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum - it's a blend of an open-air museum, arboretum, and cemetery, situated across 733-acres (300ha) adorned with ponds and sculptures. Since 1845, this park has been providing the final resting place for notable personalities and ordinary ones, too - hence the combination that defines this significant space. Show more

Who are some of the renowned people buried at Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum?

Many notable personalities found their final resting place at Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum - Procter and Gamble's William Procter and James Gamble, renowned baseball player Waite Hoyt, and Kroger supermarkets' founder Bernard Kroger are a few examples. Some of the Civil War generals and colonels and physicians and writers also found their place here, earning the cemetery the honor it deserves. Show more

What is the prime visiting time for Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum?

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum's beauty can be enjoyed throughout the year, but spring and fall are particularly lovely - the chock-full blossoms and colorful tulips and daffodils adorn the grounds late March through April, and its fall foliage peaks in late October. The Cemetery is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, allowing visitors to enjoy the lush greenery and autumnal colors that showcase the arboretum's significance. Show more

What are the various tour options one can pick from at Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum?

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum offers several guided tour options from April through October. In addition to public and private walking tours led by knowledgeable docents along the mile-long paths, visitors can also opt for a guided bus or van tour or even an open-air tram tour for groups of up to 24 people, which costs $75. School and college groups of up to 30 people can also take advantage of free tours provided by the Cemetery. Show more

How much does a tram tour cost and how many people can be accommodated?

The Cemetery's 24-seat open-air tram tour is an excellent option for groups of up to 24 people, with the guidance of an expert docent showing them around the magnificent grounds. It costs $75 per group and lasts for a certain duration. Visitors can also opt for private or public walking tours, and school and college groups of up to 30 people can benefit from free tours offered by the Cemetery. Show more

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