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CCB Summer 2023

Listen to the jazz music and watch movies in the Centro Cultural de Belém

Dates: June 4–October 5, 2023

CCB Summer is a set of open-air weekend events held by the Centro Cultural de Belém Foundation. During summer, you can attend free concerts, jam sessions, and film screenings performed at the Olive Tree Garden (Jardim das Oliveiras) and CCB Plaza. The garden is not in the city centre, but you may find it exciting to spend an evening in a quiet green area.

The concerts usually take place every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: for an hour, from 19:00 to 20:00, you can relax among the serene sounds. The musicians play jazz and lounge music, often accompanied by acoustic guitar, violin, or piano. But you can also hear well-known Portuguese artists and do not be surprised if you hear Flamenco or Afro motives.

The movies are shown on Fridays at 21:30 after sunset. You have a chance to see recordings of live concerts (e.g., Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Jamiroquai, etc.) and films dedicated to architecture and urban landscapes.

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