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Reefs, wrecks, deep dives—a lot of opportunities are open to divers in the vicinity of Lisbon


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Sesimbra and Fonte de Telha are the main diving areas located south of the city. The first one faces a protected harbor and connects such locations as the Arrábida National Park, Cabo Espichel, and the Luiz Saldanha Marine Park. It is possible to spot lots of underwater species here, for instance, stingrays and squids. What also attracts divers to this area is a wreck, namely – a Nigerian cargo ship. Even though it has been partially destroyed by time and water, some parts of the ship still persist and create an impressive underwater landscape. As water is calm and clear it is easy to take amazing photos. Another area—Fonte de Telha—faces the ocean. It is located closer to Lisbon but due to its rocky reefs, it is recommended for more experienced divers.

Diving is possible near Lisbon all year round as the weather remains rather stable. However, from the late spring to the beginning of autumn the temperature of the air and water is higher and more comfortable for diving. Even during the warmest days the temperature of the water rarely gets higher than 15˚C.

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