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Sagres Birdwatching in Portugal

Fascinating insight of more than 170 bird species in one place

Best time: August–November

Sagres Birdwatching
Sagres Birdwatching
Sagres Birdwatching

Sagres Peninsula is home to many unique species of birds throughout the year. It is at its best between August and November, when it becomes the main crossing point in the country for migratory birds. The most prestigious birdwatching event in Portugal is held every October on the peninsula gathering many nature lovers for socializing and information exchange.​

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What is notable about the birdwatching in Sagres Peninsula?

The Sagres Peninsula is well-known for birdwatching due to the vast number of bird species, over 170, that visit the area from different continents throughout the year. Between August and November, many birds move from Europe to Africa and gather here, making birdwatching a must-do activity. Sagres has diverse habitats, including coastal cliffs and farmland, that host unique bird species like the Great Skua, White Stork, and Albatross. Show more

When is the preferred time for birdwatching at Sagres Peninsula?

The peak season for birdwatching in Sagres Peninsula is from August to November when European migrant birds use the area as a stopover before heading to Africa. The peninsula has a mild climate of 20°C to 25°C during the day and 15°C at night, with a lot of birds gathering, making it the prime time to visit. Visitors who visit before or after the peak season can still enjoy the beautiful bird species and other activities, but with fewer birds to spot. Show more

Which kinds of birds can visitors detect in Sagres Peninsula?

Along with the 170 bird species seen in Sagres Peninsula, visitors can watch unique species such as the Lanner Falcon, White Stork, Great Skua, and Albatross, suitable for bird enthusiasts, which gather in huge concentrations during the peak season. Other notable species are the Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, and Eurasian Hobby. Sagres provides a diverse landscape resulting in different habitats that attract many bird species, making it an excellent destination for birdwatching. Show more

Is birdwatching in Sagres Peninsula restricted to experienced birdwatchers during the annual October event?

The Sagres birdwatching festival in October is open to both seasoned and novice birdwatchers. It offers activities that cater to both levels, enabling people to participate in specialized birdwatching equipment, excursions, and professional interactions. Visitors can explore and share opinions with experts, making it ideal for both amateurs and experts, including opportunities to get familiar with professionals. The festival combines a relaxed and beautiful environment, making it perfect for discovering new bird species and enjoying Sagres's natural beauty. Show more

What other activities can tourists explore aside from birdwatching in Sagres Peninsula?

Apart from the spectacular birdwatching opportunities at Sagres, visitors can take advantage of various other activities. The region has some of the best surf spots, stunning beaches, and hiking opportunities with awe-inspiring views. Visitors can also explore famous Spanish buildings, tour local fish markets, or dine on the fresh seafood caught locally from the region. To add to these activities, visitors can also visit the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, rich with flora and fauna, with guided tours or maps for the independent exploration. Show more

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