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Tinto de Verano (Spanish Summer Wine) in Spain 2024

Tinto de verano is a refreshing red wine-based cocktail similar to sangria but not the same

Best time: mid-May–mid-September

Tinto de Verano (Spanish Summer Wine)

Tinto de verano can be translated as "summer red wine." As the name implies, this drink is drunk on the hottest days which occur mainly from mid-May through mid-September. In fact, it is a cocktail of wine, soda, ice, and a slice of lemon or orange. Although the description reminds of sangria, it's not the same. Both are cold and quite similar in taste. However, sangria contains more alcohol and its preparation takes more time—chopped fruits are to be macerated in wine for two hours. Moreover, even though sangria is so popular with Spanish tourists, it's origins are argued, and tinto de verano is purely Spanish— Córdoba claims to be its motherland.

Locals are said to love Tinto de Verano more than Sangria. The drink is popular in all of Spain. It's usually served in tall glasses. In supermarkets, you'll find bottled Tindo de Verano.

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