Best season to travel to Krakow

Hot Beer or Grzane Piwo

The winters in Poland may be severe and frosty, but there are many ways to keep warm. Among the various hot drinks, the most tempting is a hot beer

Best time: November–March

Hot Beer or Grzane Piwo

Hot beer or “grzane piwo” is traditionally popular among the youth of Krakow. Though tourists are really appreciative of it as well. The hot pint of beer, mixed with ginger syrup, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices warms you up in a couple of minutes.

However, the process of preparing the drink is much longer, as it takes some time to heat the drink properly. For most of the inhabitants of Krakow “grzane piwo” is the first sign of the upcoming Christmas season, which is the most anticipated holiday of the year for all good Catholics. You’ll never feel the real Christmas spirit of Krakow until you try the hot beer at least once.

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