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Unicum Bar 2024

Try the iconic Hungarian spirit at the iconic Hungarian music festival

Dates: August 7-12, 2024

Unicum is a herb liqueur and a national drink of Hungary. It was invented more than two hundred years ago and its recipe remains a secret til this day. It is believed to be made from more than 40 herbs and aged in oak casks.

According to the legend, back in the 18-th century Dr. Zwack, Royal Physician to the Imperial Court made the first Unicum which was a digestive and offered it to Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Hungary. After 50 years Dr. Zwack founded the first Zwack Co.

Today Unicum is a very popular drink that is consumed either on its own or as an ingredient of long drinks like Budapest Spiced Mule or the Zwack Collins, an alternative of the famous Tom Collins.

Of course, Unicum is available all year round at most bars in Budapest. But if you're looking for a special place to try this truly unique and iconic drink, there is one for you. Annually in August during the Sziget festival, the Unicum bar opens its 'doors' to host some noisy open-air parties and serve the best Unicum based cocktails. Here you'll not only be able to taste the drinks but also to meet great people and dance all night long with an Unicum in your glass.

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