Best season to travel to Mongolia

Arkhi or Mongolian Milk Wine

When the taste of a wine resembles slightly bitter cheese it is strange indeed, but the hard-to-find authentic alcohol is worth a try

Best time: May–September

Arkhi or Mongolian Milk Wine

Mongol Arkhi or milk wine has a cheese-like taste with an indistinct bitterness which appears to be quite strange for those who sample it for the first time. It might require some time to be finally able to delight in the unusual flavor.

When prepared unproperly, though, the drink may stink like a herd of goats. In fact, the traditional nomadic spirit is made exclusively by nomadic families and might not be found in not a single shop across the country. If you wish you tried some, you could be treated with some of this unique beverage during your visit to a traditional Mongo​lian household—ger. The season of milk is summertime, namely from May through September, that is the best time to find the sought-after milk wine.​

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