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Iceberg Beer

A local brewery produces exclusive beer based on the purest water found on Earth


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Iceberg Beer in Newfoundland and Labrador 2020 - Best Time

Brewers claim that quality water is the foundation of excellent beer. Water has to be as pure and soft as possible. The water harvested from the 25,000-year-old iceberg surpasses all expectations as it's the purest liquid found on Earth. Needless to argue, beer made with such water can claim to be the best beer in the world. The right place to sample authentic iceberg beer is the place where it's brewed, that is Quidi Vidi Brewing Company in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Quidi Vidi is the largest craft brewery on Newfoundland, praised for seven award-winning ales and lagers, with the Iceberg Beer being the top one. The brewery operates seven days a week. The taproom opens at 12 noon. The best season for an ultimate iceberg beer experience is mid-April through early July. During that time of year, icebergs are most likely to float beside the shores of St. John's, which lies alongside the legendary Iceberg Alley. An occasional ice giant might even ground in the harbor not far from the brewery itself. Sipping on iceberg beer while marveling at icebergs floating by—doesn't it sound appealing?

Along with the Iceberg Beer, you're welcome to taste other iceberg products, including Iceberg Vodka, and different rare-flavored beers, such as Baked Apple Sour (Cloudberry).

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