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Duratón River Kayaking in Madrid

Want something new? Try kayaking in a picturesque place

Vulture Canyon in River Duratón Natural Reserve is one of those rare places in Europe where you can see wild birds hovering over your heads. Check out the impressive bends and river spurs of the reserve which is located north of Madrid, around 90 minutes by car.

Tours are available all year round but the most enjoyable season is spring through autumn, excluding winter, as rafting on the river is not recommended during the mating season of birds or times of low water.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kayaking in Duratón River?

Kayaking in Duratón River is ideal from March to November when the weather permits and the river is at an optimal level. It is crucial to avoid the mating season of birds and low water to maintain the river's ecological balance and avoid harm to the ecosystem during your journey. Show more

What type of birds can be seen while kayaking in Vulture Canyon?

While kayaking in the Vulture Canyon, one can spot a variety of birds such as the rare Egyptian vulture, royal eagles, falcons, and owls. These natural attractions can be observed at close range by marvelling at their stunning movements, making the experience memorable. Show more

What is the duration of the kayaking tour of Duratón River?

The duration of the kayaking tour in Duratón River depends on the selected itinerary. The popular 8 km route often takes between 2-3 hours to cover, allowing visitors to relish the stunning views and natural splendour thoroughly. Longer trips can also be planned, including swims and picnics, covering the 12 km distance and taking up to 4-5 hours. Show more

Where can I rent kayaks for the Duratón River tour?

Several adventure companies are available to rent kayaks and provide guided tours for Duratón River. Kayaks can be rented directly from some local companies in Sepúlveda or Riaza or pre-booked guided tours with instructors in Madrid or Segovia. Customers can select from various options, and advance booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. Show more

Can children participate in the kayaking tour of Duratón River?

Children over six years old can take part in kayaking tours of Duratón River with an adult's supervision. Properly fitting life-jackets and paddles of various sizes can be hired, and the guide provides all the requisite training. Prior kayaking experience is not necessary, and it's an excellent opportunity for children to discover the natural beauty of the area. Show more

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