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The Chilean Bellflower

​Its tender appearance​ is deceptive – this vine flower is really strong and long-lasting

Best time: September–May

The Chilean Bellflower
The Chilean Bellflower
The Chilean Bellflower

The original name of the national flower of Chile is Lapageria Rosea, though most people know it as the Chilean bellflower. This vine flower originates from Chilean mountainous forests—it grows well in the shade of trees and cannot stand the direct sun. Chile's gardeners do their best to create suitable conditions so that the beauti​ful pink and bright red blooms will ornate their gardens, fences, and arbors. This seemingly delicate plant is in fact surprisingly enduring, ​and a flower can last on a vine up to three weeks. The blooming season is also long: from September through May.​

Practical info

When is it recommended to plan a visit to Chile to see the Chilean bellflower in bloom?

The Chilean bellflower blooms from September through May, which is the perfect time to plan a visit to Chile to witness the magnificent beauty of the flowers. However, the blooming period can vary due to climatic and weather conditions, so it is highly recommended to stay up-to-date with local gardeners or experts to know about the exact flowering season. Show more

Which regions of Chile are the natural habitat of the Chilean bellflower?

The Chilean bellflower is an indigenous species that thrives in the mountain forests of Chile, such as the Andes Mountains and the Nahuelbuta National Park. Though it is popularly cultivated in gardens and parks of urban areas, it is predominantly a wildflower native to the country. Show more

What is the typical duration of a flower on the vine of the Chilean bellflower?

The Chilean bellflower, despite its delicate appearance, has an exceptional endurance as a plant, and its individual flowers can survive for up to three weeks on the vine. The duration of a flower, however, may be determined by factors like the age of the plant, soil quality, and prevailing environmental conditions like temperature and precipitation. Show more

What are some of the exclusive features that distinguish the Chilean bellflower from similar flowers?

The Chilean bellflower is distinguished by its impressive bell-like flowers that come in vibrant shades of pink and red. Notably, it grows well in the shade of trees instead of direct sunlight, further distinguishing it from other flowers. The flower is the national floral emblem of Chile and is admired for its beauty and resilience, making it a popular ornamental plant nationwide. Show more

Does the Chilean bellflower have any cultural or medicinal value in Chilean tradition?

Though the Chilean bellflower is extensively cultivated for ornamental purposes, there is no significant evidence to suggest that it is used for medical or traditional purposes in Chilean culture. However, some native South American tribes are known to have used the plant to treat chilblains and skin rashes, but this use remains unverified by scientific findings. Show more

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