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Big Game Fishing in Maldives 2024-2025

This is paradise not just for sunbathers and divers, but also fishermen - this is world's best big game fishing destination

Best time: November–March

Big Game Fishing

Fishing skills are vital if you live on an island, thus indigenous people have always been fishing to survive rather than a leisure activity. Not surprising, fishermen in the Maldives are real pros. Luckily, these friendly people don't conceal their skills from strangers - anyone can join a fisherman's crew and learn the most efficient techniques.

For an authentic experience, try fishing from a Dhoni boat with the locals. It can be easily arranged through your hotel. Dhoni are usually used for night-time fishing near reefs and atolls. Expect a catch of snappers, mackerel, emperors, jacks, and various small fish.

Big game fishing can be also arranged through a hotel. But the prices for these tours are rather high. A full day of big game fishing can cost over $1000. And unless you stay at a special fishing resort, the experience can be not that great. A more affordable option is to stay at one of the Maldive's inhabited islands and arrange a tour via a guesthouse. In the capital of the Maldives Malé, you will find a large number of fishing charters offering quite affordable and high-quality trophy fishing. The most common big game fishing techniques include trolling, jigging, and popping.

Fishing in the Maldives is a year-round activity, but if you want to experience the legendary big game fishing the Maldives are so famous for, go between November and March. The most abundant species include sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, and wahoo.

Practical info

When is the best time to engage in big game fishing in the Maldives?

From November to March offers the best fishing season in the Maldives for those looking for abundant sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, and wahoo. However, fishing is available throughout the year. There are plenty of other types of fishing available in the off-season. Show more

How can I find low-cost big game fishing tours in the Maldives?

Opt to stay in one of the Maldives' inhabited islands and book a fishing tour through a guesthouse to find low-cost options. There are local fishing charters available in the capital of the Maldives, Malé, that offer budget-friendly trophy fishing. Alternatively, visitors can participate in an authentic experience by joining a fisherman's crew to learn the ins and outs of fishing techniques. Show more

What fish species can one expect to catch while night fishing aboard a Dhoni boat in the Maldives?

Fishing at night while on a Dhoni boat near the Maldives' reefs and atolls can usually catch snappers, mackerel, emperors, jacks, and other small fish. Although these may not be as sizeable as the big game fish, the adventure can still be exciting and provide an exceptional insight into the daily lives of the locals. Show more

How can visitors learn about practical fishing techniques from locals in the Maldives?

Fishing skills are readily shared by Maldivians with tourists. To gain insight into the most practical techniques, visitors can join a crew of fishermen taking a Dhoni boat, or opt for a guided tour or fishing resort. The most authentic approach to learning efficient fishing techniques and comprehending Maldivian culture is through learning from the locals. Show more

What are the primary big game fishing techniques used in the Maldives?

In the Maldives, trolling, jigging, and popping are the three primary big game fishing techniques. Trolling pulls a fishing line behind a moving boat. Jigging drops a weighted lure and bobs it up and down to attract fish. Popping uses surface lures to mimic baitfish, creating a popping sound to draw big game fish to the surface. The Maldives cater to every fishing preference and ability. Show more

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