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Festival of the Diablitos 2019-2020

One of the most authentic festivals, it's dedicated to the victory of Boruca tribe over Spanish invadors​

Festival of the Diablitos in Costa Rica 2019 - Best Time
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This annual Boruca​ festival marks their victory over the Spanish conquistadors in the town of with the same name. The men wear huge masks, some of them representing people, some - animals. All of the masks commemorate​ the ancestors of Boruca tribe. The bull represents Spanish conquistadors and other forces that tried to interfere with Boruca people lifestyle along the years. In the end of the festival, this mask is burnt down.

Festival of the Diablitos in Costa Rica - Best Season 2019

Throughout the years, the festival has become a symbol of Boruca culture and its resistance to cultural assimilation. Fiesta De Los Diablitos takes place in Boruca in the end of December—beginning of January, and in Rey Curré on the first weekend of February; both villages are home for Boruca indigenous tribe.

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