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Festa di San Giovanni 2024

Saint John’s Day begins with solemn mass followed with the fires of John and Renaissance football

Festa di San Giovanni
Festa di San Giovanni

The 24th of June is a day of an utmost importance for Florentines, as it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, the city’s patron. The celebration begins in the very morning. All the officials are there including city’s mayor, representatives from the city’s districts, the Armed Forces and other citizens. The procession begins from Palazzo Vecchio and arrives at the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Fiore, where a solemn liturgy is celebrated. People lit the candles, sing chants glorifying Saint John. The mass proceeds with spectacular fireworks called the fires of John. The display lasts for the whole hour and is crowned with a fabulous explosion. In the late afternoon after another parade, the guests are invited to the Piazza Santa Croce to see an amusing spectacle of 54 Florentines playing Renaissance soccer game Calcio Storico in 16th-century​ costumes.

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