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Noche de San Juan 2024

A massive midnight ocean plunge marks the feast of St. John in Puerto Rico

Dates: June 23

Make three backward plunges at the stroke of midnight during la Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico to get rid of negative energy, get rejuvenated, and welcome some luck into your life. This popular Puerto Rican tradition is observed on June 23d, when the locals celebrate la Noche de San Juan on the eve of Saint John the Baptist Nativity.

In Puerto Rico, la Noche de San Juan is always celebrated on the beach. Throughout the entire day, the seaside gets crowded with people. Barbecues, music, and partying continue in the afternoon. Younger crowds play beach volleyball or dance salsa. Older people play dominos and drink cerveza (beer). This day is meant for relaxation and idleness.

The culmination of the holiday occurs at nighttime. The beaches get even more crowded, music is louder and more drinks are consumed. Then at midnight, thousands of people make their backward plunges into the ocean. You have to do at least three plunges, but some people are eager to do as many as ten. This ritual is supposed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Noche de San Juan (Saint John the Baptist) celebration is observed on a large scale in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. In addition to beach festivities, there are many street parties on this day throughout the whole city.

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