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St. John's Day Festival 2023

Celebrate St John’s day and summer solstice in Monte-Carlo


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Being a Christian holiday and the Midsummer Day of the northern hemisphere, the Feast of Saint John turns into a celebration of joyfulness and enlightenment. There are only a few Saints’ days that are organised to commemorate someone’s birth—the days connected with death are more widespread. Saint John’s birthday is technically the 24th of June, but the festival starts the day before. When the sun sets on the 23rd of June, the celebration begins in Monte-Carlo. The celebration includes numerous religious services, a colourful procession with music and bonfires ("batafoegu"), and the ball at the Place de Moulins. People wearing folk costumes create a circle of honour around the figure of little Saint John and his tiny lamb. This festival is a nice alternative to other ample celebrations popular in Monaco.

The festivities take place in the Moulins district. The bonfires are lit on June 23 at Place du Palais, and on June 24 at Place des Moulins. Fire ceremonies are preceded by religious ones in the Church of Saint Charles and the Chapel of the Prince's Palace.

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