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Autumn Colours

Siberia is particularly charming when birches, poplars, and larches show off with golden yellow hues


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In the rest of the world, August and September might be the peak of summer, but not in Mongolia where this is actually the culmination of fall and the season for trees to flaunt their color. Despite evergreen conifers that are predominant in the Siberian taiga in the north of the country, birches, poplars, and larches also occur quite frequently, and these make the fall in Mongolia a beautiful golden yellow. Birch forests grow on the slopes right beside the conifer zones. Larches are common around Ulaanbaatar, especially in Bogdkhan, renowned as the​ oldest protected area in the world, founded back in 1778. Poplars brighten river banks all around the country, though in particular the Tuul River.

Colours, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2020
Colours, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Populus euphratica in Ejina, Inner Mongolia 2020
Populus euphratica in Ejina, Inner Mongolia
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