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Orkhon Waterfalls in Mongolia

This white foaming beauty is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions

Best time: June–September

Orkhon Waterfalls
Orkhon Waterfalls
Orkhon Waterfalls

Orkhon Falls emerged some 20,000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity. This is a nice place to observe or even have a swim in the round basin just by the foot of the waterfall ​if you are resistant to chilly waters. During its peak in the summer season, the white the falls stretch over 16 m in height and 5 m in width. However, in spring the water dries up, and instead of white foaming falls you will only see a dry black rock. The best season to catch Orkhon Waterfalls is from​ June to September.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to visit the Orkhon Waterfalls in Mongolia?

The peak season to visit the Orkhon Waterfalls in Mongolia is from June to September. The waterfall is at its beauty peak during these months, and you can appreciate its full-fledged beauty. However, during the spring season, you can not spot the white waterfall as the water dries up. Show more

How were the Orkhon Waterfalls formed?

The Orkhon Waterfalls originated around 20,000 years ago after volcanic eruptions. The lava flow hardened, and over time, the texture changed, giving rise to the white foaming waterfall. Today, it is 16 meters high and 5 meters wide. Show more

Is it possible to go swimming in the basin of the waterfall?

Swimming is an option in the basin located at the foot of the Orkhon waterfall. However, visitors should be careful as the rock formations around the basin can be slippery, and drowning is a risk from strong underground currents. The water is chilly, but it's an excellent opportunity to experience the waterfall up close. Show more

How high and wide is Orkhon Waterfalls during its peak in summer?

During the peak summer season, the Orkhon Waterfalls stands at a height of about 16 meters, and it's roughly 5 meters wide. The waterfall's appearance is breathtaking, with the white foaming beauty, sound, and spray that add enchantment and excitement to the environment. Show more

What can I expect to see during spring when visiting the Orkhon Waterfalls?

If you visit the Orkhon Waterfalls in spring, you will not see the waterfall's usual white foaming state because the water flow dries up. Instead, you will see black, dry rocks. Spring offers more foliage and trees, presenting great hiking, camping, and trekking opportunities. Additionally, visiting nearby attractions like the Tuvkhun Monastery is an option, offering a panoramic view of the Orkhon Valley. Show more

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