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Taichung Jazz Festival 2023

A massive musical event on the western side of central Taiwan

Dates: October 13–22, 2023

Taichung Jazz Festival is a popular music event held every October in Taichung, Taiwan. The festival, which was founded in 2003, celebrates New Orleans jazz, swing, Latin jazz, fusion jazz, free jazz, as well as artistic freedom and multiculturalism.

Taichung Jazz Festival attracts about 40,000 attendees to the main stage in Civic Square Park at the intersection of Gongyi Road and Zhongxing Street in the West District of Taichung City. This stage typically hosts well-known international jazz orchestras. Past lineups of the festival included Andy Jaffe Formosa, Taipei Jazz Orchestra ft. Elisa Lin, Big Band ft. Dennis Nieh, Musa Ming Martin Quintet, Michael Wang Sextet, Debby Wang's Mini Orchestra, Julian Moreen Nonet, Zhao Chuan & ONYX Big Band Chief Chao & ONYX Big Band, and others.

Taichung Jazz Festival also features artistic roots activities, like the Youth Jazz Orchestra Training Program, Jazz Lecture Hall, Youth Jazz Band Flash Mob, and jazz young orchestra clinics, as well as many street performers performing every day near Gongyi Road to create a festive atmosphere.

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