Best season to travel to Taiwan


Indigenous to southeastern Asia the loquat is now popular all over the world and for good reason

Best time: March–May


Loquats have a tender texture with a sweet and slightly acidic flavour. This tasty fruit has high nutritional value because it contains carbohydrates, dietary fibre, calcium, phosphorous, and iron and is also an excellent source of vitamin B and C and carotene. Loquat fruits are also popular as an ingredient in jams and jelly or poached in tea. Loquat leaves can be made into loquat syrup and cough drops used in Chinese medicine for soothing a sore throat. When it was first produced by Taiwanese farmers, it was mainly cultivated in the northern and central part of the island. Now, loquats are grown in eastern and central Taiwan in Yilan, Taitung, Taichung, Miaoli and Nantou counties.

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