Best weather to visit Japan

Japan Weather: Summer

Hot and rainy weather, good for a beach vacation. But mind the possibility of typhoons


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The rainy season is underway in June and even if it doesn’t rain every day, the sky is rather grey and gloomy. However in Hokkaido, it’s still sunny and dry, so it’s a perfect time to visit this beautiful island. In the countryside, it’s possible to see how the farmers plant rice.

The rainy season stops in the first half of July, but it’s still too hot and humid for sightseeing. A good time to go for a beach vacation in Okinawa or climb Mount Fuji. Hokkaido is usually cooler than the rest of the country, which also makes it a good destination this month.

The hottest month in Japan is August. You can survive it on the beach or in the mountains. Hokkaido and Okinawa are good places to visit this month. But mind the typhoon season in Okinawa at the end of summer. Sightseeing in Tokyo and Kyoto are only possible if you hop from one air-conditioned venue to another.

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