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Kyiv Day 2023

The festive weekend packed with fun events


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The last weekend of May is a perfect occasion to explore one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. In addition to the spring bloom season, which adds so much color to Kyiv's urban landscape, late May is the time of Kyiv Day festivities. Celebrated on the last Sunday of May, Kyiv Day is marked by street concerts, art and craft fairs, competitions, and various free entertainment.

Kyiv Day festivities usually stretch through the entire weekend. The program includes the traditional Chestnut Run on Khreschatyk Street, a regatta on the Dnipro River, a bicycle race, and other sports events. Sofiyivska Ploshcha (St. Sophia Square), in the heart of downtown, usually hosts a large concert in the evening. Andriyivsky Descent is another great destination to shop for art, crafts, and traditional souvenirs. Another must-see location to visit is Spivoche Pole, which usually hosts a flower show and outdoor concerts. The large park near the famous monument to World War II is also one of the most photographed spots in the Ukrainian capital.

The first celebration of Kyiv Day occurred in May 1982 and marked Kyiv's 1500th anniversary. Traditionally, Kyiv Day festivities have been ending with a large pyrotechnic show. However, fireworks were temporarily banned after the start of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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