Best weather to visit Los Angeles

Summer in Los Angeles 2024

Who wouldn't want to visit Los Angeles in the summer with its sandy beaches, cool blue ocean, and tall green palms

Best time: June, July, August


The warmest season in the City of Angels lasts from June to August. Thanks to the ocean it's not that hot, still some people may have trouble. The average daily temperature in July, which is the warmest month in Los Angeles, is around +24°C. At night it can be even cool when a light breeze blows in from the ocean. Unfortunately, in the daytime the damp sea air, saturated with smog in the centre of the city significantly hinders breathing. The best place to get away from the smog is naturally on the Pacific coast. In summer, the beaches of Los Angeles are rather packed and swimming season is in full swing despite the temperature of the water in the sea being quite cool: only +20°C. The last month of summer, August, is the sunniest in the year: the sky is clean about 13 hours a day. Don't forget to take your sunscreen, swimsuits, and light summer clothes.

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