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Sedona is a prevalent tourist location for outdoor enthusiasts


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With ample national forest land, iconic rock formations, and plenty of recreational activities, Sedona has something for every savage soul. Famous jeep tours are definitely winners among the city's numerous attractions. So go for a ride on the wild side and see Sedona's famous red rocks at their best!

Although jeep adventures are possible all year round, fall in Sedona is particularly magical. The light filtering down and bathing the rocks in its golden hues makes Sedona's fall colors seem even richer. This is when the weather is mild, perfect for exploring the jaw-dropping landscapes of The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek. Another great time to explore Sedona is between March and May, when the weather heats back up but before it becomes too hot.

Look at Diamondback Gulch and Lil Snakebite Tour, Broken Arrow Jeep Tour , or Red Rock Jeep tour as top providers who offer the most adrenaline-packed options for daredevils.

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