Best weather to visit Texas

Texas Weather: Thunderstorm Season

Hot fronts during warm time of the year are followed by thunderstorms that occur on 3-5 day periods

Best time: April–September

Thunderstorm Season
Thunderstorm Season

Texas weather is full of extremes. Thunderstorms are typical for the state's climate starting from spring and lasting into autumn. Thunderstorms can be quite light and short or really powerful and severe, with massive showers, floodings, strong winds that cause destruction and multiple lightnings. Sometimes severe spring thunderstorms are accompanied with hail. In Northern and Northwestern regions tennis ball size hail occurs 2.5 days per year on the average.

A downburst is another weather extreme which comes with a thunderstorm when beneath it a rapidly descending current of air is formed. Strong downbursts produce wind gusts up to 100 mph. The damage can be the same as from a tornado.

On average, Texas has 50 days with thunderstorms each year. They most often occur in the afternoons or evenings.