Best weather to visit Cambodia

Cambodia Weather: Dry Season

Enjoy perfect time on beaches or wander into the jungles of Angkor area during the dry season in Cambodia

Best time: November–April

Dry Season
Dry Season

Some weather experts regard November as the end of monsoon season, and this judgement is fair enough as rainfall hasn’t gone away yet. The remnants of the monsoon season may create lots of inconveniences for the travellers, who visit Cambodia in November. But closer to the end of the month the land will be relatively dry, and new greenery will liven up the countryside.

In December, at last, the restless monsoon seems to have calmed down. Rainfall is considerably less than in November, and before. Finally, the area is dry enough to enjoy the best of Cambodia: remote tracks become accessible and crossable again, which reveals greater travelling opportunities.

The best time to visit Cambodia stretches from January through March, when the days promise long hours of sunshine, clear skies, and little to no rain. The temperature is going to raise over these months from pleasantly warm in January to some oppressively hot in March. The sea is also warm, and clear, and marine life is really abundant during this time of year,—a great season for a truly enjoyable diving experience.

April offers the last chance to catch rainless weather, however, the closer to May, it’s likely to unexpectedly shower. Besides, April is considered the hottest month in Cambodia, when the mercury hits the marks of 35 to 40 degrees °C. Another drawback must be “fogs”, which are actually the smokes from burning useless wood. Locals collect the debris in February and wait until April when it’s dry and ready to be burnt. Despite all the seasonal drawbacks, one shouldn’t forget that these are the last dry days before 6 months of rains, and it’s less crowded than in former months.

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