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San Francisco Weather: Summer

"June gloom" is a perfect time to explore San Francisco's bar and restaurant scene


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The season is primarily renowned for summertime stratus and dense fogs. Besides, the month is rather cool, despite it is summer on the calendar. The average summer temperature is around 14 degrees C, but it feels much colder owing to grey fogs hovering above San Francisco Bay, dampness in the air, even though this is one of the rainless months, and also cool Pacific sea breezes. Because of those not really welcoming weather conditions, the period is sometimes referred to as “June gloom”. Still, this is not a bad time to visit the city, just instead of extra T-shirts better take a couple of sweaters.

July is less affected by summertime stratus than June, hence there are less weather-related problems, for fogs are not so intense, though still present at times. July offers a range of summer fruit and abundance of blooming flowers and trees.

August is the driest and quite delightful time of a year, offering lots of seasonal fruits and flowers. Warm and less foggy than previous summer months, August is thus more appropriate for a visit to San Francisco. And if you want to have a swim, you will find no better time than August, when the sea is not really warm, but at least bearable with an average sea temperature of 15 °C.

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