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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sweet ice cream tacos, and salty caramel ice-cream with bacon and waffles—anything imaginable!


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So what's an ice cream taco? It's a waffle cone stuffed with ice cream of various flavours, then dipped into milk, or white chocolate, and covered with any imaginable toppings from caramel to whipped cream and sprinkles.

One of the weirdest delicacies is a sweet-and-salty ice cream sandwich named "swalty." This salted caramel ice cream topped with bacon, caramel sauce, and rock salt is served with waffles.

Another similar delicacy is called Vatican on Ice: a scoop of French vanilla ice cream is placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. If you like tried and true things, the Everything cookie stuffed with the once famous PB and Grape Jelly ice cream will be a nice choice. However, today's ice cream occurs in a variety of more unusual flavours, like for instance, burnt toffee, and corn on the cone ice cream. If you're a vegan, there is an option of dairy-free ice-cream as well. Other similar sweets include 24 types of home-made gelato brioche, which is actually ice cream served in a delicious bun cut in half. Pop tart ice cream sandwiches are an alternative to traditional cookies. Other delicacies include donut ice cream sandwiches, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and finally custom ice cream sandwiches.

If you happen to visit Toronto in summer, make sure to try at least some of these extraordinary delicacies.

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