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Best weather to visit Cancun

Cancun Weather: Rain and Hurricane Season (Summer)

Hot and wet tropical weather prevails in Cancun over the summer months


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The coastal city of the Yucatan peninsula lies in tropical climate zone, and therefore sees warm, tropical, moist climate year round. Wet season brings frequent rainy and stormy weather. June, July and August are the hottest months, and the peak temperatures are observed in June and July. Not only the air, but sea temperatures reach the highest marks. Beach season is in full swing, despite rainfalls. When the sea is 30 degrees °C and feels like a warm bath, rain can actually be quite refreshing.

Late August also brings hurricanes to Cancun’s coastline. They pose the greatest threat in the last two months of the wet season, namely September and October. The season of hurricanes also has its advantages since it pleases with slightly cooler temperatures.

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