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England Weather: Autumn

Soft and dry weather can quickly change to wet and windy


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Autumn in England can be colourful and bright, then gray and dull on the next day. From the beginning of September, the sun is not so hot; the temperature gradually starts to decline though it's still nice to be outside.

Autumn in England - Best Season 2020
Best time for Autumn in England 2020

At the end of October, winds from the Atlantic bring storm clouds, the whole of England gets wrapped in a gray mist and the darkest period is on its way.

Best time to see Autumn in England 2020

The period of heavy rains comes in November. There is an eerie feeling as the vicious and stifling clouds descend to the ground, conceal the surrounding world, and the sun's rays are no longer able to break through a dense veil of fog. Such weather lasts until the beginning of December.

Best time for Autumn 2020