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Traditionally, Rakomelo includes honey and spices like cinnamon and clover, which perfectly complements the classic Rakia. It can be found bottled on the shelves of markets or you can make it by yourself. Place all the ingredients in a pot and heat until the first bubbles appear. According to Greek beliefs, all the ingredients combined create a remarkable flavour that can heal a sore throat and cure any cold.

Rakomelo is a traditional winter drink: when the cool season finally comes to Greece, restaurants and tavernas switch on the heat and start serving Rakomelo. Lately, things have changed a bit, and those who can't wait to winter may consume Rakomelo in the summer as frozen shots. Warm Rakomelo comes to be popular with the first October rains that indicate summer is over. But the ideal season for this drink remains the coolest period from December to February.

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