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Halloween Treats

The taste of Halloween is embodied in cubed earwax, eyeball cubes, jelly dentures, and blood shots available in haunted pubs


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Probably many would prefer a neat slice of ordinary cake to cubed earwax, but at Halloween, one can make an exception. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies offers plenty of gruesome delicacies like eyeball cubes or jelly dentures. During the festive season, London's cake shops are full of Halloween cupcakes and cake pops. Moreover, the season is great for a visit to the Garlic and Shots restaurant where you will be safe from the vampires at least, but garlic does not protect you from ghosts. This establishment is famous for having garlic in every dish on the menu. The highlight is a blood shot which is way cooler than the well-known Bloody Mary and, besides vodka and tomato, it also contains garlic, chilli, and other spices. Furthermore, some of old London's pubs are also said to be haunted, particularly The Ten Bells and The Spaniard's Inn are renowned for their paranormal activity. So do not miss the chance to experience some sp​ecial oddities on the 31st of October.

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