Best weather to visit Miami

Miami Weather: Summer (Wet Season)

Hot and humid, tropical summers are not for everyone

Best time: May–October

Summer (Wet Season)
Summer (Wet Season)

Miami has a subtropical climate with hot and sticky atmosphere as the result of rising temperatures and rainfall, which usually appears during the wet season. As Miami lies right on the Atlantic Hurricane belt, the only real thing that can spoil your vacation is a hurricane. Miami is considered to be one of the top three US cities, which suffer from the risk of a direct hit by a hurricane. Hurricane season officially runs from June to November.

June is the time, when the temperature rises simultaneously with humidity, creating really hot atmosphere. This is also the season of rainfalls and storms, as well as hurricanes. July is the hottest month in Miami with the most daily sunshine hours. This month is also the driest of all summer months, and thus the safest in terms of unpredictable rainfall. It is a perfect season for swimming and enjoying the beach. August and September are the prime months for great storms. But they tend to happen only every four years or so.

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