Best weather to visit Bali

Bali Weather: Dry Season

Plenty of sunshine and heat to relax on a beach or explore the island


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Despite the sky still might get a bit cloudy, these months are more welcoming than previous ones, as they please travellers with dry weather. Though short showers may occur from time to time. The season draws large tourist flows, who rush to Bali to enjoy serene tropical beaches. Swimming with large manta rays is a seasonal speciality available only during these two months. May also opens the diving season that lasts until November.

Dry Season in Bali - Best Season 2020

June through August is the sunniest period suitable for beach activities and hiking. Occasionally it might suddenly start showering, but these rainfalls are always short.

Best time for Dry Season in Bali 2020

In September, the tourist season is almost over. The rains are gradually coming back, and become more and more frequent. But by September Bali actually needs some moisture, especially its dried up rivers.

Best time to see Dry Season in Bali 2020