Best weather to visit Ireland

Ireland Weather: Summer

The sunniest time in Ireland is still marked by occasional rains


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Summer isn’t too hot in Ireland but sometimes it can be surprisingly warm. The rains in summer are usually short and light. Even a cloudy morning can turn into a sunny day. But, unfortunately, the opposite is possible as well. Shorts thunderstorms are also possible. June is the sunniest month of summer, July is the hottest and August is the wettest and the best for swimming in the sea since the water is the warmest then. July and August might be quite humid.

Summer is the high tourist season. Both days and evenings are long, the sun sets down only around 11 p.m. Although it’s summer, you’ll probably still need an extra layer of clothing for the cool evenings and an umbrella just in case. And don’t forget the sunscreen because the sun in Ireland is quite strong. Summer is the time of camping, hiking, festivals and other fun activities. It’s also the season for picking some delicious wild berries.