Best weather to visit Paris

Paris Weather: Spring

Moderately wet and windy season is completely unpredictable with cold and warm fronts changing one another


Spring in Paris 2020 - Best Time

In March the weather is still rather cold. It can even snow. Also, Paris gets 24 mm of rainfall during 14 days, so you'll probably see a shower or some light rain during your stay. Moderate rain is the most typical precipitation for March.

In April the weather gradually improves. The temperature rises from 9 °C to 12.5 °C by the end of the month which makes it possible to sit outside in a cafe or go for a picnic. With an average of 25 mm of rainfall during 14 days you will also definitely get wet.

Spring in Paris - Best Season 2020

May is the wettest and warmest spring month which already feels like summer. In recent years, the highest temperature in Paris reached 32°C. This month also brings some thunderstorms, rains get more abundant. With an average of 26 mm of rainfall during 12 days you'll definitely need an umbrella.